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Christening (Baptism)



Holy Trinity

At Holy Trinity we are pleased to Baptise (or Christen as it is sometimes called) any child who lives within the parish. You can find out if you live in the parish by clicking here. If your address is within the area outlined on the Map, you live in the parish. If you live outside that area in another parish you should contact the church in that parish; they will be pleased to hear from you.


At a Christening service, your child will be baptised with water and receive the sign of the cross. Through Baptism, we are made Christ’s or Christ-ened. We belong to Him. Those who bring children for Baptism are expressing a desire to bring them up within the life of the Church, so that they will benefit from the positive values, accepting friendships and spiritual resources that accompany faith in Jesus Christ.


How do I book a Christening?

First of all, we ask you to start attending Church as a way of preparing for your child's special day. It will help you get a 'feel' for what Holy Trinity is all about and it will help us to get to know you a bit too! We hope it will also help you to reflect on your own beliefs in the Christian faith. See our service times here.


What about Godparents?

Being asked to be a godparent is always a real privilege and shows that they have a special place in the family, but there are expectations and responsibilities too. They are asked to promise that they will love and encourage the child in their Christian faith by prayer, example and teaching. Parents should choose carefully and find people who can make the promises and mean them. For that reason godparents should be baptised themselves, if you choose someone who isn't baptised they can still take part by being a sponsor. It is normal to have three godparents, you can have more, but choose wisely and less is often best.


When do Christening happen at Holy Trinity?

We offer Christenings on the third Sunday of each month  at 2pm at a short service in church. We have limits on the number of people we can accommodate and the summer months are always busy, so to avoid disappointment please plan early.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for a baptism service although we do ask if you would consider making a voluntary contribution towards the running costs of the church. We normally place an offering plate at the back of church.

For more information about Christenigs go to the dedicated Church of England website:

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